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Get your Zzzzzz’s


How To Get a Good Night’s Sleep The nights after bringing baby home can be sleepless for many new moms. Here are some tips to improve your nights and get the rest you need to recuperate from

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Crying Baby- is it colic?


For a woman with postpartum mood disorder (PPMD)  the sound of her baby crying can be a trigger of difficult emotions.  What is going on?  Is something really wrong?  Should I take him to the hospital?  Is

Crying Baby- is it colic?2018-06-21T20:57:58+00:00

My Journey with PPD


Upon completing my studies at Naturopathic Medical School in February 2001, my husband received a promotion and move to Hawaii!  It was literally a dream come true!  Upon completing my clinical residency and board exams, my husband

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Penicillin vs. Pau D’Arco?


The relationship between conventional medicine and naturopathic medicine has always been contentious. Both approaches toward healing have their strengths and weaknesses. As I tell my patients, if you break a leg, that’s a situation where

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