I will never forget our very first quarter in naturopathic medical school! It stands out so clearly as that is when I first set my intention for how I would manifest this career as an ND.

The class in Mind Body Medicine is one of the very first we had to take. My teacher, Dr. John Dye, was one of the original “hippy” doctors.  The story of how naturopathy had a resurgence in the 1970’s after virtually being destroyed by the AMA in the early 1900’s is an important part of our history.  Dr Dye was “on the school bus” from Kansas that drove a group of future Naturopathic Physicians to California to re-start this profession. Those pioneers from the first group went on to found the National University of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon and later Bastyr University in Seattle and finally, my alma mater, SCNM in Tempe, Arizona.

One of the assignments was to draw a picture and create a story about the life you envision after school.  I had been practicing Creative Visualization since my early 20’s so I was excited to do this project.  I drew a picture of myself & my husband living by the ocean, preferably on an island in Hawaii. I was on a mountain pushing a baby carriage (we did not have children at the time) with our dog Kuma, my beloved Chow Chow.  I imagined myself there finishing my clinical work & starting our new life in Hawaii. I then basically forgot all about the assignment as classes such as pathology, anatomy and biology consumed my time.

This is a key to Creative Visualization.  You see the future you desire in the fullest detail as possible, and somehow make it tangible with a picture or writing, then you just release it and allow the energy to be drawn to your vision.  There are a number of techniques, one of my favorites being to surround the vision in pink light–like a pink bubble, & then allow it to float off into the universe to attract whatever it needs to manifest.  Let me tell you, it works if you let go of the need to control & just release it.  I have seen it happen over and over in my life and here is how it manifested this time.

One month before I graduated from school, my husband was offered a job transfer to the Big Island of Hawaii! He went to look at the job & discovered his longtime friend was also living there with his family. My husband called me within a few hours of arriving on the Big Island to tell me he loved the idea of moving & was taking the job. I was thrilled but knew I’d be stuck in Arizona for a few months to finish my clinical requirements while he made the move on his own.

Right after we got off the phone, I stopped by the school office to finalize some paperwork for graduation. The president of our college saw me and inquired how plans were coming for life after medical school.  I told him of my call with husband & he said “well let me introduce you to Dr Michael Traub, a visiting teacher from the Big Island who is here this week.” I immediately was brought into the back office to meet Dr Traub & he invited me to complete my clinical residency with him on the Big Island!

This allowed my 13 month old son, our dog (Kuma) and me to make the move with my husband to Hawaii 2 weeks after graduation. Dr Traub was, at that time, the national president of the naturopathic association so it was quite a prestigious position for me. Amazingly, our friend’s wife watched our son while my husband and I were both at work. What a gift! I could never have planned all those working parts!

It was the universe working on my behalf to fulfill my destiny and desire. Never underestimate the power of your imagination  and know that in each moment you are creating your future reality.

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